Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hangzhou is great. Loving the city, the people, the culture, the streets! The hospital where I am observing is great as well. Acupuncturists command a lot more respect here than in the US. THe acupuncture outpatient clinic is bursting with people. And doing rounds in the inpatient side, we are afforded much more recognition than I ever got at Boston Medical. ALthough, i don't know what it is about china, but about %50 of the cases ive seen so far have been facial paralysis. We're guessing its either a difference in their anatomy or the MSG in their diet (which i always try to request to leave out). seeing some really interesting things; coming here is definitly worthwhile, i reckon. will gets some pics up soon of the hospital.
SO nice to have cheap access to food. which i order by either pointing to a picture on the wall, pointing to the food of people near me, or pointing merely to a price on the wall hoping for the best! The point and prey technique as i've dubbed it.
i got a bike and riding it is so much fun. the streets here are mayhem. road rules are mere suggestions, but things usually seem to work out somehow.
now with cheaper computer access, i can update my blog easier. more soon.


  1. I am so amazed at your favorable comments about China!! Thought for sure you would find it unappealing!
    Very impressed with your Polish friend and how much he added to your experience in Cyprus! Life has it's way of turning unfortunate circumstances (Josh not being able to get back into the country) into a stroke of good luck! Meeting Marcin made your stay in Cyrus a most memorable experience. Luck seems to travel right along side with you.
    your mother

  2. hud,
    if you can, seeing the old city in beijing definitely worthwhile.
    love reading blog
    why so much bells palsy? wind???
    when i was there, they seemed to be able to produce many cases of ANYTHING to show you, but you are seeing it in an open access clinic?
    love, DAD

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  4. terrific traveling, hud. its amazing how quickly strangers become friends when the world is an open book. glad you're going to be able to finally settle down for a bit, though you certainly seem to be keeping a level head through it all. good thing you've opened up your diet as well. bourdain would be proud. enjoy!