Saturday, September 23, 2017

Oregon coast

Oregon is well versed in cycle touring. They even produce a map specifically for cycling down the coast, making it much easier to find the more scenic, low traffic roads. 
Not only does the ODOT come through with maps, they also provide support along the way. Like a button to press to warn cars of  cyclists in the tunnel crossing. They're still a bit hair raising to pass through; this one up hill, no space to pass, and LOUD.
Coastal vistas dominate the coast,  of course.
Looking south towards Cannon Beach 

Looking north from Tillamook 


Loads of rock formations.
There also a variety of sand dunes in these parts.  Up in the woods, Sandlake
And big ones by the beach, Cape Kiwanda. 

Even by the road, Dune City.

While crossing a bridge I caught a few seal lions duking it out on the docks in Coos Bay

Suffered through 3-4 days in a row of rain and head winds, as a storm hung out and provided some overdue rain, helping to put out the fires, it also  put the breaks on my pace.  I hate cycling into the wind! I curse the wind!  😠

So I've had to learn how to deal with the fact that much of my stuff is just gonna be wet. Between sweating, the rain,  and the dew, things don't really dry out cycling /camping.
Here setting up camp at a hiker /biker site before our started to pour. 

It was quite odd to observe that cannabis dispensaries are more abundant in Oregon than liquor stores. Does this say something about the kind of people here in Oregon or maybe an overexuberant  start to cannibus commerce...?

A tribute to how recognized cycling is in Oregon.